Mark Hoffmann(non-registered)
It was really great running into you today Mike. I have gone through you portfolio and you have done excellent work with your camera. You are doing the thing I've been wanting for a very long time but haven't taking the time to pursue. My wife and I have a wall space waiting for a piece of art that says "This is my space." You have some great shots that could fill the void. Our only trouble is deciding which one. Again it was great reminiscing old times with you. I will be in touch soon. I have some questions about sizes of pictures.
Rebecca Oettinger(non-registered)
The only problem with your website is that I've now spent almost an hour of my workday looking at your beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your talents in this way.
Penny Watson(non-registered)
I won the Rocky Shores as a canvas in a silent auction for a very good cause. Mike had donated the canvas for the charity. Not only is the man supremely talented, he also has an altruistic heart!
Hi Mike! You're photos have progressed so much form the first one's we saw! You are one talented guy! Hope things are going well for you!!
Steve Ehrich,(non-registered)
Mike, we met this fall at the corner of A and H while shooting reflections shots to the west. Just back in TX so I took the time to view your web-site, very impressive, very creative you do excellent work. Hope you continue to shoot and have the same excellent results. Am currently adding to my pbase site shots from this fall.
Jennifer Fuschino(non-registered)
Am intrigued by your work. I got your business card at Mount Horeb. Hope we can schedule you for a show at Rountree gallery for 2015.
Leah Cardoni(non-registered)
Simply stunning work! Your ability to capture the scenes you have shared here makes you a true artist and a top-notch photographer. I have so enjoyed browsing!
Cindi Pokorny(non-registered)
It was a great surprise and pleasure meeting you at Holy Hill today!
I could have stayed for hours swapping stories. I have no doubt I could learn much from you; I'll start with your blog.
Devin Murray(non-registered)
Gene Summeers(non-registered)
Nice website. I especially like the rotating images on the home page. Hope Mt. Horeb was good to you. Your prize winning photo is now hanging in our living room.
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