Door County Photography Workshop 2023

October 9 - 11 2023

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Door County.
The name itself conjures images of quaint shoreline towns, idyllic farms with cherry trees, and gorgeous vistas overlooking Lake Michigan. Now it’s your turn to make those images in your mind a reality behind the lens. And we’re here to help. We will be shooting at classic Door county locations, including:


  • Cave Point
  • Peninsula State Park
  • Cana Lighthouse (if water levels allow)
  • Iconic Door County villages


Our photo workshop will concentrate on capturing these spots in Door County, plus a few surprises. In addition, as part of all of our photography workshops, we will have daily sessions where you can share some of your images and discuss them and learn new post-capture processing techniques.
Even after you return from the Door County workshop, we provide you with some extras!


  • You will have the opportunity to be part of the adventure's social media group, so you can continue to learn and share from others you met.
  • Your instructors will always be available for ongoing support and ideas after you return.


Some details:


  • The adventure begins the evening of Oct 9 and finishes up on the morning of May 11.
  • The best way to learn is hands-on, so we give you ample opportunity to click shutters. Our photo adventures have enrollment sizes which ensure that you are not stepping over 30 other photographers for that ideal shot set-up. 
  • Small group size also ensures a peaceful nature experience for everyone. And with three adventure leaders, there is close, individual interaction for all your questions.
  • No overly technical photographic knowledge is required. That is why you are coming to our adventure. Our approach to photography is more about the creative process, and does not focus on overly-technical details of cameras, or on software gimmicks. This simple approach makes these adventures especially suited for beginners and amateurs.
  • A camera with manual settings and a tripod is recommended for the adventures. Basic knowledge on how to navigate your camera's settings is helpful.
  • We have filters! You don’t need to spend extra to pick up filters (such as neutral density) for the adventure. We bring them along, so you can try them before you invest.
  • A deposit holds your spot in the adventure and is fully refundable up to two months before the start of the adventure.
  • The remainder of the balance can be paid in installments or the full balance (due one month prior to the adventure).
  • The Door  County  photography adventure requires a minimum number of students or it will be cancelled. In the event of cancellation due to not filling the minimum, a full refund will be given including deposit. It is recommended to to wait to purchase airfare or non-refundable hotel rooms until the minimum number of students has been reached. Notification will be sent once an adventure has filled the minimum requirement of 6.
  • The Door  County  adventure does not include lodging. We encourage students to make reservations and stay at the designated adventure hotel (being determined), but we can suggest some other nearby lodging options for a range of budgets.
Cave Point 5/15/21-ACave Point 5/15/21-ADoor County








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